A Conversation with Kim Mooney, GSN Presenter


Kim Mooney is the Board Vice President of Conversations on Death. Kim has worked in the end-of-life field for more than two decades as a hospice grief program manager and community educator at Tru Community Care.  She has served on the Board of Directors of the Association for Death Education and Counseling and is engaged with local groups that help individuals prepare for death with grace and choice.  She is interested in the ways that people can live passionately and deeply, so that dying is a completion, not a failure.

Kim will be presenting our upcoming Moving Through Grief… Together meeting. She shares some of her intentions for this meeting below. Learn more about Kim and her work at www.conversationsondeath.org.

Tell us more about your upcoming presentation for GSN’s Moving Through Grief… Together meeting:

Grief is our birthright. It is a cry from our souls back to our God to give us the strength, guidance and faith to live our human lives as fully as we can. Just saying its name begins to change our lives.
After this presentation, I hope that people feel a little more comfortable thinking and talking about the topic, which has so many different aspects that we are unfamiliar with until we have to deal with it head-on.  I would like to truly recognize the gift that contemplating death gives us all – a wake up call to live every day with as much presence as we can!
This topic is important for healing because death and grief are two sides of the same coin, not just physical deaths, and the process of letting go in all of the small and large deaths in our lives helps us respect our grief. 

Share an experience or story about grief and transformation:

Dying and grief are both personal and universal. In 21 years of working with dying and grieving people, I have seen that when we can hold the tension between mystery and understanding, between what we think of as night and day, or life and death, we create the capacity to develop deep compassion for all.    

Share one way that YOU practice self-care:

I can feel that when I am out of balance, my vision is dimmed for myself and for others.  I find that sitting quietly and feeling my breath and re-membering what it is like to be in a healthy body is one of the most nourishing things I do.

UntitledProvide a few focus questions for our community to meditate on and discuss in our group sharing after your presentation:

  1. Why are we here in the first place?
  2. Do you have an understanding of how the deaths of all kinds in your past inform how you live today?
  3. Are you more afraid of dying, death, or what may be after death?
  4. Why do we die?