A Conversation with Megan Coatley, GSN Presenter

P1050595Megan Coatley, M.A., BCBA, CPT, believes that wellness success starts with a single spark! Coach Meg is an expert in healthy habit change with a Masters Degree in Applied Behavior Analysis. She helps her clients ignite positive lifestyle transformations. Through personalized, evidence-based coaching, she engages clients in overcoming obstacles to wellness. Coach Meg is passionate about motivating you to become your healthiest self!

Coach Meg will be presenting our upcoming Moving Through Grief… Together meeting. She shares some of her intentions for this meeting below. Learn more about Coach Meg and her work at www.sparkbehavior.com.

Tell us more about your upcoming presentation for GSN’s Moving Through Grief… Together meeting:

PLEASE NOTE: This meeting will be held at Wonderland Lake Trailhead. The parking lot is on the west side of Broadway in North Boulder (4201 North Broadway). Please wear comfortable clothes and shoes and bring a bottle of water. We will plan to walk for about an hour at a relaxed, easy pace.

Walking Trail

The goal of this presentation is to share the importance of movement as a self-care strategy. Grief can live in the body, slowing you down, making you feel sluggish and unmotivated. But so much healing can happen when we choose to move forward, to put one foot in front of the other. We’ll share an easy walk together on a local trail, taking time to notice and experience the transformational power of movement. And we’ll discuss strategies for adding brief, simple physical activities to our daily self-care schedule.

Share an experience or story about grief and transformation:

In my teens and twenties, I was surrounded by grief. Over the course of a few years, several of my close friends died very young. Our small farm community hung heavy with a deep sense of loss and, to this day, those wounds still have not fully healed. I believe that experiencing each of these tragedies as a young woman taught me a lot about myself. I learned that I am capable of great strength, of holding others up in challenging times. I believe that this early revelation of my commitment to helping others has given me confidence as a coach and clinician.

Provide a few focus questions for our community to meditate on and discuss in our group sharing after your presentation:

1.  What are the benefits of movement for me? Where and how does movement change my grief experience?
2.  How has my motivation for movement changed during grief?
3.  What physical activities do I truly enjoy? Where could I fit these into my self-care schedule?
4.  Can I commit to one small, simple physical activity each day?