A Conversation with Sandi Daileda – GSN Presenter

Head Shot - Sandi Deleida

Sometimes it is hard to understand ourselves and the events that occur in our lives.  As an intuitive hands on healer, Sandi Daileda helps others come to know their experience of trauma and grief from the broadest most virtuous perspective.  Doing this evolves grief into an amazing experience of personal growth and healing.

Sandi Daileda has had the honor of providing people of all ages nurturing support, physically, emotionally, and spiritually for 20 years.  She is passionate about hands-on healing as one of the best ways to soothe and relieve, grief, pain and suffering. Sandi is Jewish and a lover of godly, spiritual, and nature connection.  She believes that daily prayer and a solid spiritual connection is key when grieving.

Sandi’s education and expertise includes  massage therapy, biodynamic cranio sacral therapy, polarity therapy, trauma release therapy, pre and peri natal therapy. You can learn more about Sandi and her work at: www.superhealingarts.com.

Meet Sandi in-person at our upcoming Moving Through Grief… Together meeting on Wednesday, April 16 at 1925 Glenwood Drive, Boulder, CO. 

Tell us more about your upcoming presentation for GSN’s Moving Through Grief… Together meeting:

In this experiential presentation,  I will show how a little nurturing touch goes a long way in healing.  Each participant will be given the opportunity to receive hands-on healing touch and offer comforting touch to another attendee if they so choose.
Healing exchange is one of the greatest gifts that humans can provide for one another.  I will demonstrate simple and effective ways to lay hands on and offer healing energy to yourself and another. In addition, we will spend some quiet time together to connect to each other, to our spirituality, and to nature.  I will guide the group in creating powerful personal prayers and blessings.  We will offer each other beautiful blessings of goodness and sweetness.  

From this presentation, I hope that people learn how to  feel connected with the universe and with the divine spirit realms as a way to soothe and comfort themselves.  I wish to show people how to lovingly provide hands on healing for themselves or another as a way to shift energy and nurture personal tranquility during hard times. It is my hope and intention that you leave this presentation feeling up-lifted, relieved, and more in love with the perfection and beauty of your own life. 

Why is this topic important for healing?

I believe that nurturing touch does wonders to help a person heal and release trauma.  I’d like to help folks connect with the spiritual, loving essence of their loved one who has crossed.  This sense of connection can be very healing and transforming.

Share an experience or story about grief and transformation:

As a multi-sensory psychic intuitive, I have helped many people feel the presence of their loved one who has crossed.  They have been able to talk to this person, gain information to pressing questions and feel enormous relief.  When I bring the loving, healing energy of a loved one into the room, it is a very touching, quenching, and moving experience.  If you are interested in learning more about this work, please connect with me after the presentation or via my website.

Share one way that YOU practice personal self-care:

I practice self-care by praying daily, going outside in nature, and receiving energy healing and bodywork.

Super Healing - Sandi DailedaProvide a few focus questions for our community to meditate on and discuss in our group sharing after your presentation:

  • How do you feel when you feel close with God/spirit/the divine?
  • When feeling emotional agony, what do you deeply need in the moment?
  • What comforts you most?  What eases your pain?