A Thank you Letter

From GSN Founder & Executive Director, Wendy Stern
A great big thank you to all who came out to join GSN for our 2nd Annual Gratitude Celebration and Fundraising event at Shine last weekend.  Especially, I want to acknowledge and thank our incredible line up of performers for bearing their souls, and for sharing their hearts, stories and wisdom with us all.   It was a beautiful and heartfelt evening, and I am overflowing with gratitude for all of the love, support and openhearted people who were there and willing to share deeply with each other.  The energy in the room was filled with a true sense of community as we collectively honored the pain of our losses through dance, poetry and song together.
The evening did serious justice to GSNs mission of empowering people to transform through their loss and to break the stigma around grief in our culture.   So much of GSN’s work is to simply get people talking about their grief, rather than shoving it down or hiding away until they feel better, and the event last Saturday was a beautiful example of what can happen when we are courageous, authentic and willing to live life more deeply and alive BECAUSE of our loss.
A high point of the evening for me was the celebration of life that we arrived at as we journeyed through the experience of grief.  After feeling the heart wrenching pain and the inspiration that comes through heart break, we found ourselves on the dance floor as Sambe Dende brought us together to DANCE, LAUGH, CRY and MOVE through our grief.  GSN provider, Arielle Schwartz, said it best  “Consciously making space for loss is essential if we are to heal our collective wound of minimizing pain. Last night we gave grief a well-deserved place of honor. We wept for ourselves and for each other. We hugged and held each other. But we did not stop there. We also danced! We danced our tearful, joyful, ecstatic celebration of life”.
Thank you, again, to all who joined us, contributed from afar, and continue to support GSN as we reach out to touch one person, one family, one community at a time.  We are here to support anyone going through any kind of loss and at any point of the grief journey.  GSN is hear to hold us all, and we invite you to be a part of our community of change.
Wendy Stern