About GSN

About GSN

Sarah's pic - pryt - who we are pageGSN is a community–based organization that offers a new and positive perspective on the process of healing from grief and loss.  We are a network of wellness providers who share the belief that all people have the power to transform themselves through their grief when they are given enough support, guidance and time to do so.  Our goal is to connect individuals and families with our wide range of conventional and holistic professionals and provide them with the services and programs that will support them to heal and move forward in their lives.

Awakening Through Grief

GSN recognizes that the experience of losing a loved one – whether it is a parent, spouse or child that has passed away, a miscarriage, or a marriage that has ended – is a spiritual crisis.  When we lose someone that we love, we possess an inherent power and potential within us that comes from being broken.  Within our suffering lies the opportunity for a new and authentic understanding of our purpose and ourselves.  And, in order for this potential to be manifested into positive change and growth, we need to acknowledge and share our feelings of pain, sadness, anger, and confusion, rather than hide from them and pretend that we are ok.

With a passion for empowering others, GSN engages the greater community in a deeper conversation around grief, loss and trauma.  We are committed to teaching others that no one has to grieve alone; rather, that there is a place in the world for our grief and that as a community, we can support each other as we navigate the grieving process together.  The Grief Support Network brings together experienced and compassionate professionals to offer a community of support, where those experiencing loss can express their true feelings and rebuild their lives.  In working together, we draw from a pool of collective energy and expertise to help others awaken and transform through their grief.

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