Community Grief Ritual – Package

Grief RitualJoin us for our Community Grief Rituals!

June 4th, September 17th, December 3rd

The rate of $89.25 reflects a 15% discount for purchasing all three rituals at once and committing to a year of touching in with your grief. 

Grief associated with a loss of a loved one can feel unbearable. Processing your grief through ritual can help you move from agony to acceptance. Participating in Grief Rituals to remember your loved ones allows you to access and work through your grief in a safe and constructive way. 

Rituals are actions done in purposeful ways that symbolize something much more than the acts themselves. Rituals give purpose to action and always serve to connect us to something else, generally something greater than our own solitary selves. We may engage in ritual as we seek peace, clarity of mind, or to become more grounded. We may seek connectedness to family, a particular person, our culture, society, traditions, ancestors, or even to our own selves.

That’s why we are offering our Community Grief Ritual from 2-5pm in Boulder, Colorado led by Wendy Kaas. 

“As we slowly come to the end of the ritual, there is a mixture of elation and exhaustion in the air. This form of soul maintenance is hard work, but it is necessary to keep us available to life. As we close, the participants are moving and swaying to the song we have been singing for hours. Their tears have washed them clean, and their faces are shining. The room is lighter. The participants’ bodies are giddy with joy–a wild alchemy of sorrow and joy, played out once again, as it always has been, in the container of sacred ritual.” – Francis Weller

In this Grief Ritual you will: 

  • Feel more heart-connected
  • Feel a sense of being cleansed
  • Feel less isolated
  • Feel lighter after the experience
  • Feel a new or renewed connection to your ancestors
  • Leave with a sense of clarity or centeredness
  • Feel unburdened by your grief

Sometimes people unearth deep emotions that need continued attention. (Worth saying this at Revisiting this ritual is a useful way to keep these emotions flowing. Remember that grieving is an ongoing process in our lives.

Please join us from 2-5pm in Boulder, CO for our Community Grief Ritual led by Wendy Kaas.

Please bring: water bottles, flowers, drums/shakers, and any items that represent your ancestors.

Join us as we work with some ancient tools to help us access the deeper parts of ourselves we couldn’t otherwise touch. This ritual is informed and inspired by the generous Dagara people of West Africa. Come drum, sing, and create a village together that has the power to honor and transmute our grief into the next stage of its journey.

*Please note: Purchased tickets are non-refundable but they are transferable to another person to use on that date. A past ticket cannot be used for a future ritual.