By Jennifer Delaney, MA, NCC:

A body-centered psychotherapist, certified in Brainspotting, blogger, writing coach and speaker practicing in Denver and Boulder.

Several times a day in fact…
I was at a party last night when someone asked me what I speak about. “Or is it too esoteric?” he added. gsn-contact“No. No. Not at all,” I replied. As a matter of fact, it’s so simple that people find it hard to believe that it makes a difference at all.

It boils down to this:
Take your pulse.
Notice your feet in your shoes or against the rug.
See and describe the setting sun paint the snow a pink-gold.
Listen to the sparrows or to your cat purring.
Smile at someone –what does your face feel like when you smile?
Notice the tension in your body – maybe shoulders or stomach.
Breathe in for 5, hold for 3, exhale for 7.

Try one of these right now!

Do any or all of these as often as possible and you will change your brain wiring.

Many people don’t realize just how stressed out they are until they begin to check in with their bodies throughout the day. That’s when they realize how nonstop and compulsive their thoughts are. The thoughts don’t want to let go.