Embodied Grief Ritual

Dec. 12th, 10:00AM – 12:30PM

Join us for a healing Grief Ritual with LIVE DRUMMING ACCOMPANIMENT in the beautiful setting of the Adi Shakti Yoga Center in Boulder, CO

This sacred ceremony honors our experiences of loss and allows us to explore and embody grief as a doorway into connection. This is a collective journey that honors each person’s process in the most tender and nourishing way. As we become witness to our authentic selves, as well as each other, we give ourselves permission to rediscover connection with lost parts of our selves, to loved ones who have passed, as well as to that which is Sacred. It is through this connection that we open the door to the threshold that ultimately moves us from grief to gratitude.

This journey offers a map for embodying grief through guided meditation and expressive movement to integrate our experience in ways that are meaningful to each of us. We will be guided by the four pathways of:

  • Accessing our resources of strength & joy
  • Tending to our grief
  • Discovering our creative energies
  • Honoring our seeds of transformation

.. And we  invite you to bring something to share on our “Remembrance Alter”. This portion of the ritual will be dedicated to honoring those who we are grieving. These items may be photos, special objects, or anything that represents connection and love.

No dance experience is necessary, only a willingness to move, and be curious.

*In order to ensure a proper timeline, we are requesting that all attendees register in advance.

To Register:

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