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Gratitude Gala

Event Date:

Join us at for our annual Gratitude Gala on May 18th at Lone Hawk Farm from 5:30 pm – 8:30
for a Farm to Table experience like no other! Each year the Gratitude Gala raises thousands of dollars to provide grief services for who are going through a devastating loss.

We have a special night of community celebration, delicious Farm to Table food planned, and sharing our vision of what it means to transform grief to gratitude. This year we will be focusing heavily on community, which means we will not have an auction

Plus, we’ll be unveiling our newest GSN program: It Takes a Village: Meal Delivery Program.

GSN created “It Takes a Village: Meal Delivery Program” to ensure that our community can respond in a timely way to the tremendous need of nurturing its families in times of grief. The program supplies a multi-faceted, volunteer-based network of services to support a person’s most basic needs within the first six months to a year after a loss. By accepting these services, a family then has more time to focus on moving through their grief and tending to their own self-care. Emphasis is on community participation – working closely with local businesses to provide services and then training volunteers to interact with GSN members. “It Takes a Village” will be developed in phases, beginning with a meal delivery service. In the future, the program will be expanded to include other offerings such as childcare, housecleaning, grocery shopping and more.

A trained volunteer will be assigned to deliver the meal and then “sit” with the family – listening, witnessing and reflecting back to them what they are feeling. By offering this presence and authentic connection, a safe space is created to speak what is true, rather than holding feelings inside, pretending to be ok.

By attending this event, you are directly supporting the launch of this new and very important program for our community. Join us and become an agent of change for those in need.

Click here to register. A limited amount of tickets are available.


Grief Ritual

2017 Community Grief Rituals

Event Date: December 10th, 2016

Grief Ritual

Grief Support Network is deeply grateful for the generous Dagara people of Burkina Faso, West Africa, for bringing their profound and healing grief ritual tradition to our culture. As a community, we have been blessed with the presence of Sobonfu Some, before she passed away in 2016, to teach us her village’s ways of honoring the ancestors and coming together as a community to share in collective grief. Our ritual is informed and facilitated by Wendy Kaas who was trained in this tradition.

Rituals are actions done in purposeful ways that symbolize something much more than the acts themselves. They always serve to connect us to something else, generally something greater than our own solitary selves. We may engage in ritual as we seek peace, clarity of mind, or to become more grounded. We may want connectedness to family, a particular person, our culture, society, traditions, ancestors, or even to our own selves.

Grief associated with a loss of a loved one can feel unbearable. Acknowledging and expressing your grief in community through ritual can help you feel less isolated and burdened. Participating in Grief Rituals allows you to access and work through your grief in a safe and constructive way. Sometimes people unearth deep emotions that need continued attention. Remember that grieving is an ongoing process in our lives.

In GSN’s Grief Rituals, participants report that they:

  • Feel more heart-connected
  • Feel a sense of being cleansed
  • Feel less isolated
  • Feel lighter after the experience
  • Feel a new or renewed connection to your ancestors
  • Feel unburdened by your grief
  • Leave with a sense of clarity or centeredness

Join us as we work with some ancient tools to help us access the deeper parts of ourselves we couldn’t otherwise touch. Come drum, sing, and create a village together that has the power to honor and transmute our grief into the next stage of its journey.

“As we slowly come to the end of the ritual, there is a mixture of elation and exhaustion in the air. This form of soul maintenance is hard work, but it is necessary to keep us available to life. As we close, the participants are moving and swaying to the song we have been singing for hours. Their tears have washed them clean, and their faces are shining. The room is lighter. The participants’ bodies are giddy with joy–a wild alchemy of sorrow and joy, played out once again, as it always has been, in the container of sacred ritual.” – Francis Weller

Upcoming Community Grief Rituals for 2017 

June 4th
September 17th
December 3rd

Cost: $35 for each ritual

Special pricing when you purchase our Grief Ritual Package: Buy tickets for all three 2017 rituals and receive a 15% discount off the total price. Click here to register for June 4th, September, 17th and December 3rd.

To attend individual rituals:

June 4th, 2017: Click here to register

September 17th, 2017: Click here to register

December 3rd, 2017: Click here to register

“Bring a Friend” discount: Introduce a friend that has never attended a grief ritual before and you get 15% off your ticket price. Simply purchase two tickets. Use code FRIEND.

Feel free to bring water bottles, flowers, drums/shakers, and any items that represent your connection to the ancestors.

Please note: Purchased tickets are non-refundable but they are transferable to another person to use on that date. A past ticket cannot be used for a future ritual.

Questions? Please email info@griefsupportnet.org.


Awakening Through Grief (2)

Awakening Through Grief: Yoga Therapy Program

Event Date:

Why Yoga?

Because grief lives in the body, yoga therapy is a powerful tool in the grieving process. With many years of combined experience and training in yoga and yoga therapy, Wendy Black Stern, the founder of The Grief Support Network, created a profoundly rich and rewarding program for all stages of grief — designed to help you transform through grief with the tools, self-awareness and supportive community needed to step more fully into your life.

Creating Community in Sacred Circle

We offer an intimate, safe container for grief to be felt, expressed, shared and healed. Throughout this journey, the group creates a ‘circle’ that offers unconditional love and acceptance, in which all experiences and feelings are acknowledged and validated. Within the circle, participants learn to be a witness for themselves and each other, cultivating compassion, self-awareness and connection within the group. Through this process, trust is created, which invites greater vulnerability and authentic sharing to take place within the weekly classes. As the group explores the relationship between their thoughts, emotions, spirit and physical bodies, they create a learning community in which their grief serves as a catalyst for personal growth and transformation.

Through yoga, meditation, and somatic exploration, participants learn to observe where they are holding grief in their bodies and to witness the sensations, thoughts, and feelings that they are experiencing without judgment. With the understanding that we have to feel our grief in order to heal it, the program strives to teach participants how to be present with themselves, even when it is painful, and to receive the wisdom that can only come from within.

What You Can Expect from the Awakening Through Grief: Yoga Therapy Program

Our 9-month program follows an evolutionary progression that guides participants through a process of self-inquiry to not only move through their grief but to experience greater clarity and understanding of their purpose and life path. Going through a loss can often cause one to question or even redefine their identity. This can be a confusing and scary place to be, but through the support of a loving community, participants are guided to discover new parts of themselves and grow; not in spite of their grief, but because of it.

The program includes:

  • 1 2-hour yoga class/week
  • 1 audio meditation/week
  • 1 journal exercise/week
  • Access to an ongoing community forum to chat and connect
  • A 45-minute quarterly mentoring session with the facilitator
  • 15% discount on GSN rituals and events

The program is guided by the following monthly themes:

  • Grieving in Community / Creating the Container
  • Presence & Body Awareness
  • Self-Love & Acceptance
  • Grief as a Teacher
  • Grief Has a Purpose
  • Holding Grief and Gratitude
  • The Courage to Change
  • Renewal & Growth — Planting Seeds for Transformation
  • Wholeness & Integration

Benefits of the Awakening Through Grief Yoga Therapy Program

  • A weekly container to sit with your grief
  • A place where you can express yourself freely and show up as you are / ok to be messy here or sad or happy or whatever you are feeling
  • Opportunity to be witnessed by others in vulnerability and to learn how to be a witness
  • Guidance to explore your shadow and learn more about yourself
  • Increased self-love and acceptance, which radiates into all of your life
  • The knowledge of how to apply what you learn in your practice into your life
  • Accessing your own inner wisdom
  • A space where you can physically let go and release emotions
  • A supportive community that offers connections to others so you don’t have to grieve alone
  • Integration of your thoughts, feelings, physical body and spirituality
  • Opportunity to redefine your identity and explore the evolution of your soul’s purpose

Payment Options

  • You can pay-in-full by cash or check (email info@griefsupportnet.org for more details)
  • You can pay-in-full by credit card here
  • You can make monthly payments by clicking the “Subscribe” button below


Moving Through Grief .. Together: Community Gathering

Event Date:

Nov. 14th, 10:30am-12:00pm – at Shine Restaurant.

We are proud to partner with Shine Restaurant and Gathering Place for our Moving Through Grief…Together program. Through this GSN offers the community an empowered approach to healing after a loss.

These monthly, donation-based gatherings provide communal ritual, transformational tools, movement practices to access body wisdom and a sense of wholeness. 

Each month we will briefly feature a guest speaker. This month’s guest will be Wendy De Rosa of the School of Intuitive Studies. She offers services, workshops, classes and training in intuitive healing and energy clearing and will be leading us in a grief ritual.

Pre-Register Here