Youth Coping With Loss

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Everyone experiences grief in their own unique way. This group is an opportunity for youth to walk side by side with others who have experienced their own personal loss.  Our 4-week group for youth ages 11-17 is designed to help youth gain a deep understanding of their grief, know that they are not alone, and empower them to embrace their experience and move forward.


image1Tuesdays – April 19, April 26, May 3, May 10
4:30-6:00 PM


100 W. Arapahoe Lane, Ste 12, Boulder, CO 80302

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About the Facilitators:

MaryAnn McGinnis, NCC and Jennifer Melvin, LCSW are a team of Licensed Psychotherapists and School Counselors who together have over 30 years of experience working with youth ages 11-19. Drawing on our training in counseling psychology and education, we bring our expertise to helping youth understand how to cope with the losses they have experienced, honor their grieving process, support them through their healing, to move forward in life. Learn more at




Survivors of Sudden Loss Grief Support Group

Event Date: Thursdays

For anyone who has experienced a sudden or unexpected death loss.

Sudden or unexpected losses can be traumatic. They can challenge your sense of security and confidence in the predictability of life.  This ongoing group provides a supportive environment for anyone who has experienced the sudden or unexpected death of someone close.  It is a place to connect with others and better understand how to navigate through the grief process.


Dates:        1st & 3rd Thursdays of every month

Time:              6:30-8:30 pm

Location:      Boulder

Registration & Information: Please contact GSN at (720) 295-4760 or

This group is a collaboration between Halcyon Hospice and Palliative Care and Grief Support Network 


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Awakening Through Grief with Yoga

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GSN’s Yoga Program empowers individuals to transform through their grief and f8experience more gratitude and joy, all with the support of a healing community.

Through the combination of hatha yoga, guided meditation, breath work and deep relaxation, each class guides participants to explore the relationship between what they feel in their bodies and their thoughts and emotions.

These sessions will be in an intimate group setting so that participants can harness the power of connection and work together. And since this series includes only four sessions, it is a great way to test out the program to see if you would like to participate in future, more comprehensive offerings.

The program is appropriate for all levels of physical activity and yoga experience.  Through movement, we invite members to be present to their grief and to awaken to their potential to heal and transform.

This program is for all skill levels.

Registration is open for our next Awakening Through Grief series:
Feb. 26th – March 25th (4 sessions)
Fridays, 12:00-1:30PM

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Moving Through Grief .. Together: Community Gathering

Event Date:
Feb. 13th, 1pm-3pm at Unity Church
This program offers the community an empowered approach to healing after a loss. These monthly, donation-based gatherings provide communal ritual, transformational tools, movement practices to access body wisdom and a sense of wholeness. The gatherings will also allow you to embrace the healing power of connectivity by offering a safe space to share and connect with others in the community.

This month we invite you all to meet and connect with our new Program Director, Kelly Bearer.

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the gift of grief

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A workshop with Wendy Black Stern, Founder & Executive Director of the Grief Support Network.

Grief is a powerful teacher ..

Within our suffering lies the opportunity for a new and authentic understanding of our purpose and ourselves.


Join us on Jan. 10th at the RA MA Yoga Institute for a powerful workshop. Through discussion and a deep yoga practice, participants will embody grief as a doorway to connection and transformation, as well as get an in-depth taste of what GSN’s yoga program has to offer.

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Embodied Grief Ritual

Event Date:

Dec. 12th, 10:00AM – 12:30PM

Join us for a healing Grief Ritual with LIVE DRUMMING ACCOMPANIMENT in the beautiful setting of the Adi Shakti Yoga Center in Boulder, CO

This sacred ceremony honors our experiences of loss and allows us to explore and embody grief as a doorway into connection. This is a collective journey that honors each person’s process in the most tender and nourishing way. As we become witness to our authentic selves, as well as each other, we give ourselves permission to rediscover connection with lost parts of our selves, to loved ones who have passed, as well as to that which is Sacred. It is through this connection that we open the door to the threshold that ultimately moves us from grief to gratitude.

This journey offers a map for embodying grief through guided meditation and expressive movement to integrate our experience in ways that are meaningful to each of us. We will be guided by the four pathways of:

  • Accessing our resources of strength & joy
  • Tending to our grief
  • Discovering our creative energies
  • Honoring our seeds of transformation

.. And we  invite you to bring something to share on our “Remembrance Alter”. This portion of the ritual will be dedicated to honoring those who we are grieving. These items may be photos, special objects, or anything that represents connection and love.

No dance experience is necessary, only a willingness to move, and be curious.

*In order to ensure a proper timeline, we are requesting that all attendees register in advance.

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Moving Through Grief .. Together: Community Gathering

Event Date:

Nov. 14th, 10:30am-12:00pm – at Shine Restaurant.

We are proud to partner with Shine Restaurant and Gathering Place for our Moving Through Grief…Together program. Through this GSN offers the community an empowered approach to healing after a loss.

These monthly, donation-based gatherings provide communal ritual, transformational tools, movement practices to access body wisdom and a sense of wholeness. 

Each month we will briefly feature a guest speaker. This month’s guest will be Wendy De Rosa of the School of Intuitive Studies. She offers services, workshops, classes and training in intuitive healing and energy clearing and will be leading us in a grief ritual.

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Yoga Therapy Group for Bereaved Parents

Event Date:

Wednesdays, Nov. 4th – Dec. 23rd       5:00 – 7:00 pm

This group is specifically designed for parents who are grieving the loss of a child.  This 8-week class combines the healing energy of yoga and gives participants the opportunity to explore and share their experiences.  Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy is a powerful method for personal change and transformation and integrates the mind and body through movement and self-exploration.  Each week you will be guided through personal reflection and meditation, gentle yoga and group facilitation as a way to release painful emotions that often keep us from moving through grief. This class is a powerful resource for parents, and those who have experienced both miscarriage and infertility.

About the Facilitator: Wendy Black Stern

Wendy serves as the Founder and Executive Director of the Grief Support Network.  In 2007, Wendy lost her son and now dedicates her life and her work to educating and supporting others who are grieving.  Wendy has a BA in Psychology and is a Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist, yoga teacher, reiki practitioner and a facilitator of Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Groups.


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Location Details

The class will take place in the Lincoln Lecture Hall at Naropa University.  See campus map on the below link for the exact locoation:


Sobonfu Some Retreat

Event Date: Oct. 23-25, 2015

sobunfuWe are excited to offer a weekend retreat with Sobonfu Some, a world

renowned teacher who guides us in breaking through the barriers of our
own grief.
In this weekend workshop, Sobonfu shares one of the most important
rituals of her people, The Grief Ritual. It is a soul-cleansing rite that
releases grief and transforms lives.
Fee: $385 (Includes catered lunch & dinner on Saturday)


Friday night Sobonfu will share how the Grief Ritual of her village came to be. She will discuss grief as a collective emotion, meant to be shared by our community.
Friday will be open to the public from 7-9 at Nevei Kodesh Synagogue and a donation of $15-$20 is suggested.

More info & Retreat Registration here:

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Coping with Loss in Early Adulthood

Event Date: 6/04/2015

Thursdays, Sept.24 – Nov. 12th, 6:15-7:45PM

Experiencing the death of someone close can be an incredible challenge at any time in one’s life, but the loss of a loved one in early adulthood is an especially unique experience. This 8-week group for 18-30 year olds explores some of the challenges unique to loss as a younger adult and will give a space for connecting with others and sharing your experience. This group will include information about grief/loss, tools for coping, and space for sharing of personal experience.

  • Fee – $280 per person


About the Facilitator: Michal (Miki) Fire, Psy.D.

For over 10 years Miki has worked with a variety of populations supporting individuals and groups in issues related to grief, loss, death, and dying. With a background in wilderness expeditions, the grieving process, and general clinical practice, Miki brings a profound sensitivity to the dynamics of how psyche and nature are intimately connected, and how experiences of grief and loss can transform our experience of life.