Join our virtual community of support…GSNpic5

GSN has created private forums on facebook to bring people together in an online environment with others who have been through a similar kind of loss. Individuals are invited to post, share, or remain a silent member in a community of individuals sharing a common loss. These groups are available 24/7 and will include frequently moderated online sessions to support individuals who are experiencing grief.

One of the most important benefits of participating in a support group is to decrease the sense of isolation so many people feel when they are experiencing grief. In a group environment, feelings of anger, depression, guilt and anxiety can be expressed, validated by others and accepted as a normal response to loss.

Please click the links below to be directed to our forums:

Loss through Suicide

Pregnancy Loss and Infertility

Loss through Divorce

Loss of a Spouse

Loss of a Parent

Loss of a Child


We pride ourselves in offering a safe space for all of our members, so please note our sharing guidelines:

1. Choice to share – You can just listen. You being here represents your participation. We will never pressure you to share.
2. Confidentiality – When you leave this space, please hold everyone’s story with reverence. Please do not share someone else’s experience without their permission.
4. Own your experience – When you speak, we encourage you to own your experience and speak from your perspective. Please do not offer advice to others. Come from the “I” perspective.
5. No cross talk – We want to empower each other to share our own wisdom and to not interrupt each other.

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