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Get Involved

Individuals and families who have lost a loved one may require support at any stage in their grieving process. In order to connect our members to the services they need to heal and move forward, The Grief Support Network provides to following support to those who have experienced a loss:

  • A highly-skilled team of wellness practitioners, therapists, and medical providers.
  • A customized, integrative care plan to address their specific needs.
  • A community forum for sharing personal stories and wisdom.
  • Financial support to help clients receive the care they need.
  • A safe space to connect and grow filled with compassion, awareness and empowerment.

We rely on the support of dedicated individuals, corporations, and foundations in order to help our members heal and discover peace and gratitude beyond their grief. Because of the investments of our generous donors the Grief Support Network is able to…

  • Provide a grieving mother with a like-minded group of parents who can relate to her pain of losing a child.
  • Give a widowed husband guidance in choosing the right therapeutic support for himself and his children.
  • Connect seniors to community resources so that they can maintain social ties after the loss of a partner.
  • Listen and offer support to a teenager who feels misunderstood and alone in her pain.
  • Provide the children of our community with compassionate, supportive care to help them to integrate the big emotions of grief and loss.
  • Offer yoga classes and healing retreats to support people to heal through mind-body practices and a deeper connection to nature.

… and provide a wide variety of other offerings for those facing a the loss of a loved one.

Consider one of the many ways you can support GSN.

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