Volunteer/Internship Opportunities

Volunteer & Internship Opportunities

gsn-volunteerAre you called to help individuals heal and grow? The Grief Support Network has opportunities for volunteers and interns! We fully appreciate the time and talents of those who choose to serve individuals and families who have experienced the loss of a loved one. As our community continues to grow and transform, a wide variety of volunteer opportunities are available:

  • Fundraising and Administrative Support: A volunteer with clerical skills can serve GSN by helping in the office with simple administrative duties. Fundraising responsibilities can range from preparing mailings or thank you letters to organizing fundraising events and contacting possible donors.
  • Childcare:  A volunteer with professional childcare experience can support GSN members by caring for their children while they attend GSN workshops, events or appointments with their wellness practitioners.

To ensure that all volunteers are equipped for the challenges of working with members who have experienced a loss, GSN requires that volunteers complete orientation and training sessions, as well as submit to a routine background check. It is important that volunteers understand the nature of grief and trauma and are aware of the specific ways that the Grief Support Network works to serve the community. Depending on each volunteer’s area of service, additional training may be available or necessary.

To share your skills and start helping our members move from grief into gratitude, contact the Grief Support Network today at info@griefsupportnet.org.

To learn more about GSN therapeutic and business internship opportunities, please contact us directly at info@griefsupportnet.org.

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