Grief and Loss Support

In a culture that shies away from connecting with others when faced with vulnerability, and that is often uncomfortable with pain and tears – severe loss and crushing grief can leave the human soul isolated and alone in darkness.

Many people in our culture need a connection with something bigger to heal, and they may not even be aware of it.  We believe ‘community’ IS that something.

Our community will provide the support, holistic resources and tools that will empower you to move forward, no matter what type of loss you have experienced. We provide intimate, personalized grief support by addressing your specific needs as you navigate the grieving process.

Please contact us, and together we will find the offerings that will provide the helping hands of support you need to heal.




Grief lives in the body.  Join our Gatherings to move, learn and unburden your grief all within a community forum.

Grief Rituals 

Grieving as a community offers us the opportunity to move through our grief in a conscious and supported way.

Yoga Program

The Awakening Through Grief yoga program ties together all the aspects of GSN’s beliefs–bringing grieving people together with yoga empowers each individual to transform their grief, heal the body and spirit, and develop a healing community.


Explore healing modalities in depth and receive tools to take home with you.

Therapeutic Small Groups

Come together in an intimate environment with people who have been through a similar kind of loss.

Healing Retreats

Escape from your daily routine to gain new perspective and heal.

Individual Services & Referrals

We bring together an interdisciplinary team of healing practitioners, therapists, business resources, and medical providers who offer a holistic approach to healing.

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