GSN Provider Spotlight: Merryl E. Rothaus, LPC, LMHC, ATR-BC

Blessed to love the work that I am doing, I am a licensed psychotherapist, and registered/ board certified art therapist in privatepractice who works with a variety of people of all ages and experiences. Because all humans learn and grow uniquely, I am interested and invested in learning what ways and means best suit each client toward healing and evolving. Therefore, I source from my diverse toolbag of training so that I am able to meet the varying needs of each individual.
Transpersonal psychology and what I call embodied creativity and somatic expressive arts therapy are strong foundations of my eclectic work.  In essence, I combine somatic approaches with creativity including art and movement. I’m a believer that working with our bodies and how we hold things in them is crucial to the healing process. The hakomi method of mindfulness-based, body-centered psychotherapy is also foundational to my work.
Merryl E. Rothaus
As a shamanic practitioner I also integrate the sources of wisdom and guidance available in the “unseen realms” to therapeutic healing.  Additionally, I am trained in gestalt psychotherapy and Brainspotting amongst other modalities. Lastly, I am an approved clinical supervisor who supervises counselors and therapists in the community as well as an adjunct faculty member at Naropa University in the graduate art therapy department.

My professional trajectory in working with grief had me working as an art therapist with hospice as well as clients nearing the end of life. I found this work to be incredibly fulfilling.  Personally, I live and grow through creativity and beauty while also understanding firsthand what it feels like to suffer and endure. I have walked the path of grief in the death of people close to me as well as the grief that comes through enduring a traumatic miscarriage and years of subsequent attempts at conception naturally and through assisted reproductive technology. I have been deeply struck by the impact of fertility challenges on a woman in all realms of her life, and the lack of resources available to accompany this particular flavor of grief. Through these personal experiences, I feel even more poised to understand and tend to the the roller coaster ride that grief is for my clients.  I believe that creativity, spirituality and the body are essential in this tending. These professional and personal passions and aspects of who I am in tandem with my authenticity and compassionate nature lend themselves to my effective, integrative approach to healing and psychotherapy. To learn more about my work, visit my website:

Merryl E. Rothaus Art I can be reached for a free consultation at or at 720.317.4647.