A Note from Wendy

Happy Summer everyone!  The season of warmth and beauty has finally arrived, and I hope that you are all getting into your summer rhythms and enjoying the sense of freedom in the air.  As late spring continues to bless us with new growth, sunshine and opportunities, GSN is also growing new green shoots from the earth that need to be carefully tended and cared for in order to prosper.   Our community is getting stronger and each day, and I am eager to share with you some exciting developments for GSN.

As I sit here today, just two days before the anniversary of Noah’s sixth birthday, I am struck by the evolution of what this vision has become.  My son, Noah, touched so many lives while he was here, and now I can feel his legacy being birthed in the offerings that GSN is now brining to our community:

  • We have launched our website! Please take a look and get to know the services and support that are now available.
  • We have an amazing network of wellness providers who are currently serving our first group of GSN Members.
  • We are reaching out and creating partnerships with other organizations in the community that offer services for grief support and continuing to build our list of resources.

I would also like to share that we are currently working on a crowdrise project.  A few days ago, I had the incredible experience of being filmed by Sarah Hollingsead and Brent Hollingsead. They are graciously creating a short film about GSN so that we can garner support through this interactive online fundraising platform.  For the video, I was asked to talk about Noah’s story, my own experience of healing from grief and my personal transformation over the last five years.  I also shared the exciting offerings that GSN is now able to provide for our members.

As I was reliving my journey through grief, I could feel and better understand my own process and how this has led to what the Grief Support Network is today.  I hope that my story resonates with you in some way. Please explore our website, contact us for support, and stay tuned for our crowdrise video.  We are eager to share our offerings with you and the world…