It takes a village: GSN’s 9-Month Yoga Program

Our 9-month yoga program is designed to help you transform through your experience of grief and to receive the tools, inspiration and supportive community needed to step more fully into your life!

Our weekly themed practices and intimate community offer a safe container to take the next steps forward and create radical change through greater self awareness and acceptance. This comprehensive program offers the benefits of embodied mindfulness experiences and therapeutic group processes, including yoga, meditation, breath work, journaling, nutritional support and community sharing to help you discover a more authentic understanding of your purpose and self.

Together, we will tune into our bodies, move through our grief and support each other as we open our hearts and receive more gratitude and joy.

group yoga sunset

Program Offering:
  • 2 yoga classes/week
  • 1 audio meditation/week
  • 1 journal exercise/week
  • Access to an ongoing community forum to chat and connect
  • Access to all GSN inspirational readings, playlists, etc.
  • Initial 30 minute mentoring session with Wendy & ongoing monthly support
  • Nutrition education and monthly recipes
  • 15% discount on rituals and retreats


For more information & registration: 

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