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Building Community

become-a-member-grief-support-networkGrieving takes time. As people move through the different stages of grief, the Grief Support Network provides a safety net of social and professional support. Becoming a member of GSN means joining a caring therapeutic community where you can process the loss of a loved one, share your thoughts and feelings, and make steps to move forward with your life.

The benefits of becoming part of the GSN community:

  • Network of interdisciplinary wellness providers
  • 15% discount on all services within our provider network
  • Access to wellness assessment and referrals
  • Free Guided Mindfulness Meditation Download
  • Invitation to join our therapeutic programs, workshops, seminars and special event
  • Having a community of support around you to help navigate their grieving process

Connecting with others and receiving personalized care can be an incredibly healing and powerful experience. For more information on becoming a member, contact Heather Menzie at to schedule your free consultation.

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