My Children, My Teachers

This is a guest post by Wendy Stern, a Phoenix Rising Yoga therapist and PRYT faculty member, as well as the Founder & Executive Director of the Grief Support Network


Each one of you,
My Children,
In your own special way,
Have opened the doors of my heart,
Making me feel more deeply than I had known a body could feel
And given me the Gift of Infinite – Unconditional Love.


For you, my loves, are my Salvation.
You give meaning to my life,
A Purpose,
Proud and Strong,
A way to give back to the world
And make a small, tender mark on the soil of our Great Mother.


For this,
Now and Always,
I am eternally Grateful.
I bow to each of you
and the Gifts that you have given.


Noah SkylarNoah~
You came to me first and opened me to a Love
Much greater than I had known before.
You saw Truth and Potential within me,
With your piercing, light filled eyes
Your gentle wisdom filled me with courage and confidence,
As you taught me how to be a Mother.


For you, my dear son,
loyal teacher,
You changed me by loving me as I am,
Allowing me to be myself,
Accepting me fully,
With your twinkling lighted-ness and laughter.
You loved me as I have never been loved before,
So much – that at times it hurt,
A deep, aching hurt
That evoked fear in the impermanence of our fragile humanity.


Your lessons continue to show themselves.
For you saw the good in every being that you touched,
Teaching me to accept others as they are,
And most importantly,
To accept and Love myself.
Your gentle Strength and Contentedness,
Calmed my seeking Spirit,
And taught me how to be Present and at Peace.


And, then, when you slipped away,
Behind the Veil of Spirit,
Where I could not follow,
I crumbled without you,
A sloppy puddle on the floor,
Cracked open – Broken,
And you showed me in the depths of my pain,
How I could rebuild myself and transform my Grief into Strength and Love.


You have stayed by my side,
Through my anger and revelations,
Patiently coaxing me onward,
And loving me as a Spirit Son,
completely and tenderly as I have grown.


For you, my first Baby Love,
Are connected to my heart in a way that no other will ever be.


You came through my body,
Fast and brighter than any star could shine.
For you, beautiful daughter of my heart,
Saved my Life,
And reminded me that there is goodness in the world,
Giving me a reason to be Alive.


Your great, compassionate Spirit,
So much wiser than your years,
Grounds me,
And expands my closed and aching heart,
Opening me to Joy and Fun-filled moments of carefreeness and Beauty.


Each day of your precious life,
You teach me how to be Patient,
How to slow down,
And take in the simple pleasures of the physical world.
For you, dear one, possess a powerful Priestess presence
That grows in you
With more charisma each day
As you evolve into the person
That I have always dreamed of becoming.


You, love, are the dream of my Life,
The strength that I have always longed for
And you teach me through your confidence and grace
How to just be who I am,
Without excuses or apologies.
Your strong, curious intellect challenges me to acc
ess my own,
And to live within the balance between the Mind, Heart and Devotion to Spirit.
My lovely dancer girl,
Both delicate and fierce,
I am in awe of you.
You teach me through your own embodiment
The pure expression and deep knowing of your own Mag
And as you continue to grow,
In your power and authenticity,
I am learning to feel my own.


For you, my daughter, are the embodiment of the Goddess herself.
And I humbly bow to you,
And thank her for bringing you to me.


I await you now,
Dear moonchild,
Great Mystery of my Mind,
But not of my heart.
For I have known you for a long time.


You, child, I still long to hold in my arms
And know with my flesh,
But your essence has been whispering to me for a lifetime,
Teaching me,
Even before your earthly arrival,
Great lessons of letting go of old wounds,
Healing the past
And bringing balance to a Family
Once burdened with Grief and Pain.


You are the Light,
And your coming marks the beginning of a new cycle
Of Hope and Change,
The release of the armor surrounding my tender heart
And the gateway into a time of ease, grace and flow.
For you, my daughter,
Sparkle with the brightness of the Sun
And possess the dark, powerful mystery of the Moon,
All within my body still,
You share your gifts with me.


Your journey into this world has taught me Resiliency,
The shedding of old beliefs,
Layer upon layer
Releasing trauma and unresolved emotions,
I am finally set free.


For in my heart I know
That you are a change agent,
Both Gentle and Firm,
And I trust in the lessons that you will continue to impart
As you come into your Body
And show yourself to the world.


My daughter,
Great Moon Goddess,
I am ready to receive you now,
When you are ready,
In your own special time,


Please Come.

Dear Children,
Great and Wise Teachers of my Life,
I bless you,
I thank you,
I love you more than all of the sand on all of the beaches,
To the Moon and Back,
And I give thanks each day for your teachings and guidance.



Wendy, Hannah & Layla

The Grief Support Network was founded in 2012 by Wendy Black Stern. Wendy’s personal story of love, the loss of her first born child, and the incredible capacity of the human heart to heal and transform was the genesis for GSN’s services and programming. Wendy dedicates her life’s work to supporting people to heal and transform through the process of grief. The Grief Support Network’s mission, programs and network of resources are inspired and informed by Wendy’s personal experience of loss and professional background as a yoga therapy practitioner, yoga instructor, teacher trainer and group facilitator.