October Community Grief Ritual

Move through grief together at the Grief Support Network’s Community Grief Ritual, inspired by our teachers Sobonfu and Melidoma Some, on October 15th.


Grieving as a community, allows our hearts and our bodies to grieve fully, reminds us that we hold a necessary piece of healing for each other, and offers us the opportunity to move through our grief in a conscious and supported way. 

Join us as we work with some ancient tools to help us access the deeper parts of ourselves we couldn’t otherwise touch. This ritual is informed and inspired by the generous Dagara people of West Africa.

 In a traditional Dagara style grief ritual we build altars and create an instant village where we come together to grieve.  In this deeply spiritual ritual we call on the ancestors, we drum, we sing, we rely on the Other World to digest our grief. We become a village of support and transformation.

All that is required of us as participants is a willingness to be authentic, and an acceptance of however our own emotions might choose to show up that day.

“In order to do a grief ritual effectively, one needs a community. The Dagara people don’t comprehend the idea of private grief. Grief is a community problem because the person who is sick belongs to the entire community. Just as a wound on your leg cannot be approached as the leg’s problem alone, a person in a village who is sick with grief affects the rest of the village.”

– Malidoma Some

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