Our Mission

Our Mission – Finding Our Way Together from Grief to Gratitude

The Grief Support Network (GSN) empowers people to transform through their experience of grief and loss and to break the stigma around grief in our culture. Having experienced loss ourselves, GSN believes that no one should have to grieve alone. There is a place in this world for our grief and as a community, we can navigate the grieving process together. To ensure this vision, GSN has built a vibrant community that offers programs, tools, resources and connectivity to support people after loss, find healing within and move forward in life.

Who We Are

Founded in 2012 by Wendy Stern Black (insert link), The Grief Support Network is a community–based, non-profit organization that offers a new and positive perspective on the process of healing from grief and loss. GSN is committed to breaking the silence around grief in our culture and to serving as a beacon of hope for all who are suffering alone in their pain. GSN offers support for all kinds of loss and at any phase of the grief process. We are inspired by the wisdom of the East, which offers us a roadmap of how to talk openly about loss and ways to grieve within the collective.

As a community, we share the belief that all people have the power to transform themselves through their grief when they are given enough support, guidance and time to do so. Our goal is to connect individuals and families with a community that cares. Through our wide range of holistic services, yoga therapy programs, grief rituals, retreats and individual referrals, we create meaningful relationships that personalize the experience of grief.

We are men, women and children from all walks of life; we are experienced and compassionate professionals – all working together in a community where true feelings and true needs can be expressed and held in love. By working together, we enjoy a pool of collective energy and expertise to help each other awaken and transform grief to gratitude.

It Takes a Village…

“Communal grieving offers something that we cannot get when we grieve by ourselves. Through validation, acknowledgement and witnessing, communal grieving allows us to experience a level of healing that is deeply and profoundly freeing. Each of us has a basic human right to that genuine love, happiness and freedom.” – Sobonfu Some

We have learned that it takes a village to move through grief and heal our wounds. With a passion for empowering others, GSN engages the community in a deeper knowing around grief, loss and trauma: we show up together, move together and grow together.

Awakening Through Grief

GSN recognizes that the experience of any kind of loss in life – whether it is a parent, spouse or child that has passed away, a miscarriage, or a marriage that has ended – is a spiritual crisis. When we lose someone that we love or even a part of our self, we possess an inherent power and potential within us that comes from being broken. Within our suffering lies the opportunity for a new and authentic understanding of our purpose and ourselves. And, for this potential to be manifested into positive change and growth, we need to acknowledge and share our feelings of pain, sadness, anger, and confusion, rather than hide from them and pretend that we are ok.

Other cultures have done this for centuries. It is the work of our generation to release the burden of our collective grief in order to heal our hearts and return to a state of wholeness. When we are willing to become vulnerable enough to change, it ripples out to touch the lives around us and creates lasting transformation.

What We Value 

Grief Support Network…..

Creates A Safe Place
Is Compassionate
Is Patient And Present
Provides Unconditional Acceptance
Gives People Permission To Own Their Experience
Is A Good Listener
Does Not Judge
Is Comfortable Around Grief
Works Collaboratively As A Team

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