A Wisdom Walk Through Grief – A Special Healing Retreat

Something special happens when you gather a group of intentional and mindful seekers who give themselves to a weekend of self-exploration and growth — not in spite of grief, but because of it.
During GSN’s yearly retreat, “A Wisdom Walk Through Grief”, we build a sacred circle, an intimate and safe container for grief to be felt, expressed, shared and moved. Throughout the weekend, the group creates an environment of unconditional love and acceptance, in which all experiences and feelings are acknowledged and validated. Within this field, we learn to be a witness for ourselves and each other, cultivating compassion, self-awareness and connection. A heightened trust invites greater vulnerability and authentic sharing to take place.

We know that grief ‘lives’ in the body. Through yoga, meditation, expressive movement, dance, writing, ritual, art and somatic exploration, we can observe where we are holding grief in our bodies, without judgement, and then explore practices for moving through it.

This is our time to be present in the body so that we can share its journey – being awake to memories, emotions, traumas, wounds, and stories – whatever the body needs to “speak”. This is the wisdom way of birthing ourselves, a process that beautifully unfolds from deep within.

This weekend is an opportunity to gather with others who are grieving in a supportive, restorative and transformative way, through an embodied approach to working with grief. Won’t you join us?

November 2017 Healing Retreat

Date and time: 4 pm, Friday, November 3rd through 4 pm, Sunday, November 5th, 2017

Location: SunMountain Center in Manitou Springs, Colorado

About SunMountain: Located near Garden of the Gods and downtown Manitou Springs, SunMountain is a beautiful retreat center that lets you feel peace as you explore the tranquility of nature – a wonderful opportunity to rest, replenish, and renew yourself spiritually. Included in the weekend is the use of SunWater, a spa featuring natural mineral-water cedar pool soaking, yoga, massage, cultural events, and more.

Retreat details and registration information will be announced shortly.

Registration is limited; please sign up early.

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