the support and love of group healing

“My name is Jenna, I started with GSN about a month and a half after my beautiful mother passed suddenly in an accident. I am 32 years old and she was the young age of 59. I have never lost someone close to me, and as I was trying to soak in the news of this disbelief, I was also scared about how I was (and am still) reacting to the load of grief in such a busy fast past society where our lives get swirled into the tornado of never having enough time to focus on what we should for ourselves. Let alone process the loss of a loved one and give ourselves time to heal on top of having the heaviness and unknown of this brand new emotion.

I knew right away when I talked to Wendy that this was exactly where my heart was guiding me to be. For some reason when you are in a heavy grief you feel alone in the world. Even though you know there are many grieving the same person as you and many who have gone through the same type of loss as you. When I talked to Wendy I didn’t feel that way, I knew right away that GSN was exactly what I was looking for. This woman didn’t even know who I was or even if I was going to decide to take classes through her or not and she gave me her full attention, time and more amazingly she gave me the kind wisdom of her heart, and I could feel from her that she knew exactly where mine was sitting at that time. She also gave me the full understanding and hope that we have the ability to transform our grief into growth. She told me that when your heart is broken that gives it the space and capacity to grow and get bigger. Those were exactly the words my heart needed to hear.

This is an incredible program, ever since I have been attending, there is a new layer I shed off from my personal self into my growth and healing every week that I go. This class has allowed me to know that I have the support and love of a group healing the same wounds and acknowledging that they are there, not just shoving them away in our busy lifestyles. Acknowledging that death is a part of the circle of life and therefore should not just be brushed under the rug, for the emotional and physicality that come along with death are very real. The meditation has helped with the emotional challenges and the yoga has helped with the physical and emotional symptoms of my grief. This group helps you to understand that we are also all different in our grief, therefore it is important to get in touch with our inner self allowing us to understand who we are right now and the changes that are occurring and how we can turn them into positive growth.

I am beyond greatful and blessed to have found this amazing family of incredibly wise and giving heartfelt people. This program is not only helping me through my grief and understand it on a personal level but at the same time helping me find myself and the strong woman I can be in a time of extreme change.”

-Jenna, current GSN Yoga Program participant