What We Do

Our Mission

grief-support-network-boulder-coloradoThe Grief Support Network is committed to building an integrative network of community support that personalizes the experience of loss and walks people through the grieving process to help them to heal and move forward in life.

In order to offer compassionate support to people who are grieving, we have developed a customized model of care.  Our highly skilled network of providers share the core values of being profoundly present,  honoring people’s unique way of grieving, and empowering them to transform through their grief, without judgment, pressure or prejudice.   Our goal is to offer a safe place of acceptance and understanding – a community in which we can literally wrap our arms around people who are grieving and provide the support, tools and resources to assist them in healing from the loss of a loved one.

GSN Programs

The comprehensive programs offered within the Grief Support Network include individual and group services, children’s services, yoga classes, outreach, education and local as well as international retreats.

The GSN Process

When you become a member of GSN, our Intake Specialist conducts a thorough assessment of your history and current status.  From this information, we create a unique and customized integrative care plan that provides physical, emotional, mental and spiritual support and treatment to help you to move through your grieving process.

We connect our members with specific care providers and programs, creating a schedule of treatments and support that is in alignment with their unique needs. Our goal is to offer members of the Grief Support Network an integrated approach across multiple therapies and programs at a significantly discounted cost. In addition to coordinated care within our network of providers, GSN also offers workshops, trainings, onsite support in schools, hospitals, etc. to help others learn to communicate about loss in a way that is healthy, honest and empowering.

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