GSN Programs

GSN Programs



Immediate Care Program:

This program offers immediate support for day-to-day needs, including the coordination of family and friends to arrange meals, grocery shopping, laundry, child care and all aspects of daily living for the first few days, weeks or possibly months after the loss of a loved one.

Yoga and Embodiment Program

Yoga and Embodiment Program:

Yoga and movement based classes offer support in healing from grief and loss through self-reflection, embodiment and self-empowerment. Classes offered through GSN will include a focus on: meditation, breath work, stress-reduction, and restorative and energizing postures. Through movement, we invite our members to be present to their grief and to awaken to their potential to heal and transform.

Grief Support Network Therapeutic Groups

Therapeutic Group Sessions:

Because we believe that community support is an important part of healing, GSN offers group programs that cover a broad range of therapeutic services.  From specialty groups for families with specific needs to body-centered groups that include meditation, yoga and group facilitation, we customize the sessions to meet the needs of the community.  These programs support individuals of every age, interest, spiritual belief, and place in the grieving process.
To both register for and learn more about upcoming groups, please go to the following links:
Yoga Therapy Group for Bereaved Parents:
Helping Kids Through Loss:
Healing Grief Retreats

Healing Retreats

The goal of our retreats is to offer an opportunity for respite and renewal after the death of a loved one. GSN retreats include a wide range of therapeutic offerings coupled with outdoor activities, hosted in supportive environments that are healing, nurturing, gentle and reflective.


Children’s Services:

Children have unique and specific needs when it comes to the grieving process, and GSN has a team of professionals that offer a variety of services geared especially toward helping children heal. Within our network of providers, we offer play therapy, art and movement based therapy, psychological care, psychotherapy and family therapy to support children and youth at every developmental level.


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